The A-Team

Little details, Big deal


Abbie and Alex are full-service realtors for home buyers and sellers on the Olympic Peninsula. Their clients know that buying and selling a home can be a daunting experience full of small, but important, details, especially when they are unfamiliar with the area or the process. Abbie and Alex guide and advocate for their clients step by step to make their home buying or selling process smooth and efficient so their clients can focus on the other priorities in their lives.

Why work with the A-Team?

They know this community inside and out: the neighborhoods, the builders, the schools, the government and the people. If you’ve got questions, they’ll have answers or know who does. They generously use their connections to facilitate your goals.

The know the local housing industry. The biggest advantage of working with a realty team who knows the housing industry is they can help you better understand what you're buying and selling. Whether it's knowing the right questions to ask the inspector to help identify what's causing an issue, or being able to get a sub-contractor booked for a repair, Abbie and Alex can make the daunting parts of buying and selling feel clearer and easier to navigate.

They value your time. Buying or selling a home comes with a long list of additional details to handle. They know you’re busy, and their client processes reflect that. You can trust that their level of service considers (and accommodates) your real-life circumstances and aims to be efficient, whether it’s collecting information via email to prepare a contract in advance or calling in a service provider on your behalf.

They solve problems creatively. Whether buying, remodeling or building a house, the unexpected happens.  Alex and Abbie understand this is part of the process and calmly help you tackle issues that arise.  Taking your budget, timing, and other situations into account, they’ll prepare recommendations based on what’s important to you.


Buying a home with the A-Team:

  • When you work with Abbie and Alex, you’re not just saying, “Hey, I’d like to see this house that’s listed.” You share what you’re looking for, and they get to work finding it. “Matchmaking” is one of the things that Abbie loves most about working with buyers.
  • Abbie & Alex work with their buyers to get them prepared to actually buy a house.  Getting pre-approved with a lender if that applies and identifying your strengths as a buyer so that we can help you write the most competitive offers possible.
  • In this fast-moving seller’s market, it can be frustrating to feel like the perfect house gets snagged out from under you. Abbie and Alex have their ears to the ground and act quickly to notify you of listings, get you into houses and write offers.
  • You know you’ve found the right property, but not sure what it’ll take to turn it into your dream home? Abbie and Alex use their combined local expertise in the building industry to offer sound direction on feasibility, permitting processes, and choosing contractors to move the project from start to finish.
  • Don’t know the area? As lifelong residents of Port Townsend (they met in kindergarten), Abbie and Alex can offer you the inside scoop on neighborhoods, schools, jobs, business, and where to get the best coffee.
  • Even though Abbie and Alex both left Port Townsend, they chose to live and raise their family here because it is such a strong and vibrant community, built with people who care about living here and about each other. Not only will Abbie and Alex help you find the house you’re looking for, but once you’ve worked with them, you’re part of their community, and they will encourage your integration into the fabric of the place you now call home.


Selling a home with the A-Team:

Less stress + better offers = the best possible return on your investment. Abbie and Alex know what sells, and they know what makes potential buyers cringe.

  • Abbie and Alex know if something needs to get done before your property is listed - curb appeal, simple finish updates, professional cleaning, staging the house - together we’ll agree on who’s doing what, and then manage the process of getting it done.
  • Abbie and Alex are problem solvers and will anticipate the issues that potential buyers could have with your property. Together, we’ll decide how to market your property so you can attract the right buyers with the right expectations.
  • Abbie will give it to you straight (Alex will tell you to talk to Abbie) - what it’s going to take to get your property sold and not let it sit.
  • Sellers have a variety of motivations for selling. Whether you’re looking for maximum dollars or to move your property fast, they’ll help you align pricing, projects, and marketing strategy to meet your goals.